#14 Anita Wing Lee from Toronto, Canada

Anita Wing Lee’s inspirational story begins when she discovered a non-conventional means of broadcasting better suited her mission to bring about social change. At age 25, Anita is an international broadcaster, award-winning speaker, meditation guide, and spiritual activist traveling across the world to shift attention to what matters — people. As one of the pioneering leaders of today’s new generation of conscious seekers, Anita shares her wisdom with thousands of viewers daily.

She is the Founder of Global Meditation Scope, the first and largest creative meditation movement on Periscope. Known to possess a voice of “wisdom beyond her years”, Anita’s mission is to bring the world together in an effort to raise collective consciousness and also awareness that everyone is family and blood is not the only tie that binds. This mission, coupled with Anita’s desire to use her broadcasting expertise and livestreaming platform to “scope for good” led to the founding of Project Soul Fam, a new initiative supporting grassroot humanitarian efforts and other world issues. Anita is a two-time speaker for Summit Live, the world’s most powerful livestreaming event. For more information on Anita Wing Lee visit: www.anitawinglee.com

1. How and why did you choose to go nomadic?

I always knew in my heart that I wanted to travel and explore unknown places. I think some people are just born with it and we just have to be brave enough to follow our heart. Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a journalist because I wanted to travel and tell meaningful stories. This is exactly what I do now, but as an online content creator.

2. What was it like leaving your home country?

It was pretty easy. I almost never get homesick. By the time I left, I knew that there was more out there to discover. I was more excited than nervous. Over the years, I’ve gone back to Toronto every few months and so now it’s normal.

3. What are your biggest struggles? Fears?

I am on a journey of releasing all fears and also of not struggling. I believe that the journey should be effortless. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges, but it means that you know how to deal with them because you have an internal state of peace at all time. Meditation helps a lot with this and this is why I teach it.

4. How are you funding your lifestyle and what projects are you working on?

This is always a fun question. Honestly, it’s a smorgasbord of doing what I love and finding creative ways to fund it. I’ve crowdfunded a book. I auctioned off many of my favorite books. I’ve taught English. I’ve done social media for people in exchange for room and board. I’ve had sponsors.

Currently I’m finishing up the book that I crowdfunded in early 2016 called The Soul Of Humanity. (Check out TheSoulOfHumanity.com) It will be released this fall. It was a book inspired by my humanitarian work in Syrian refugee camps on the Greek Islands.

5. What is the estimated monthly cost of living for one of your favorite locations? What lifestyle does that afford?

This depends on where. I just lived in Hawaii where I didn’t pay anything for rent and only paid $10 USD a week for the most delicious home cooked vegan meals ever! Now in Birmingham, I am couch surfing with a friend but pay more for transportation and food. When it comes to travel and money, the most important thing is that you go somewhere that you want to. There are always ways to make money while traveling if it becomes an issue. There have been times where I felt like I wanted to go to Africa even though it was expensive to fly there. There has been other times where I decided to stay local. Either way, don’t let money stop you from traveling.

6. What is your top tip for someone who aspires to earn money online and travel?

Find someone who is doing what you love and learn everything you can from them. Binge watch everything on their Youtube Channel or read everything they post on their blog. This is what helped me to believe that it is possible for me to.

Then the universe is going to give you a chance at some point to take the leap. You’ll know it when you see it and THAT is exactly when you must jump. Maybe it will mean quitting your jump, or buying the ticket, etc. Whatever it is, take that leap and the journey will unfold!

There is no way you can know everything that will happen, but over time, you’ll find your way to make money and travel.

Any final thoughts?

You can follow my journey around the world via livestream everyday on Periscope.

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