#30 Keegan Sard from Brisbane, Australia

Keegan Sard photo

I’m Keegan and in August 2014 I quit my consulting firm to go out on my own as a freelance consultant. My goals were simple; travel as much as possible, work on complex problems across international borders, and choose projects based on merit and great people / founders over monetary gain (as I truly believe that cash is a byproduct of success).

1. How and why did you choose to go nomadic?

The dream of going nomadic is a forever changing one. I have always loved travel and how we live and work (from an early age getting my pilot’s licence) to studying sustainable development at university. The idea of travel, flexibility, and minimalism is one very close to my heart.

I have been fortunate to work with some great people in some amazing locations over the past 2 years (including Asia, US, London, and Canada) but the nomadic journey has really only just begun.

For me it’s a gradual journey that will involve a lot of Australia in the interim (unless an overseas opportunity presents itself) as I build cash reserves and, together with my partner, work out when and where is right for both of us for the next adventure.

I’m a big believer in the co-living movement so startups like roam.co are a logical next step. Paying for a studio with bathroom in one location but the ability to move within their network at a moment’s notice really appeals to me.

The ultimate living arrangement though would be aboardtheworld.com and my own place on a cruise ship that travels the world every year hopping on and off as you please. But we have a long way to go to get to the net worth requirement. 🙂

2. What was it like leaving your home country?

Leaving was never a big issue for me as I’m passionate about exploring and seeing the world.

I’m also lucky in a way as projects continually drag me back to Australia so I can come back for small periods of time and then organise the next location and project.

3. What are your biggest struggles? Fears?

In business, it would have to be getting enough work and getting paid on time.

Personally,  it would be dealing with outdated thinking governments that have not caught up to the global thinking on nomads when it comes to taxes and visa requirements.

4. How are you funding your lifestyle and what projects are you working on?

I’m a management consultant that is now freelancing under my own company KeeganVentures.com. I provide support to both startups and large companies across strategy, ops, technology, and advisory. For most of my projects I can work remotely (with a decent internet connection) and for others I travel when required.

5. What is the estimated monthly cost of living for one of your favorite locations? What lifestyle does that afford?

Australia is nuts from a cost of living standpoint. Luckily I’m in Adelaide at the moment (which is far cheaper than the east coast) where the average 2 bed place goes for A$1600 p/m.

The important things in my life are as follows:

  • Co-Working Space: A$220 p/m
  • Phone & Data (40gb p/m): A$160 p/m
  • Box of fries: A$5
  • Coffee: A$4
  • Beer: A$5

6. What is your top tip for someone who aspires to earn money online and travel?

Start the side hustle now!

There is no time like the present and there are plenty of hours outside 9-5 to start freelancing on smaller projects.

Whatever you have in savings before you start the freelancing nomad life triple it!! It will be harder than you think to get initial clients and when you get them some may take up to 90 days after project is completion to pay you so you need to have good working capital to survive between invoices.

Any Final Thoughts?

From my initial learnings the nomadic life is amazing and there are so many amazing people you will meet and places you will visit along the way.

There are a number of great resources for people starting the nomadic minimalist lifestyle – I recommend nomadlist.com and co-living / co-working startups like roam.co (I cant wait to try the concept. #hugefan)

And finally I’m on Twitter and always love hearing about new projects or cool stories at keegan@keeganventures.com.